when was the begining of asrary school ?

Asrary school roots back to 1994 ,where the effort of group of parents for a young child in Riyadh consolidate/collaborate with affirm conviction of the importance of kindergarten .and they are looking for Asuitablke school to contribute in the developed and the education of their children. And in the light of their reservation about sending their children to international school and the possibility it might constitute negative impact on the identity of their sons and daughters in this critical age, im addition to the full dissatisfaction with national education programs available to them ,then their limitations in terms of quality and attention to developing this important stage in the child life, per ants open an educational class special featuring 11 children , under the name of Asrary school . then the school has grown to become a leading school combines all stages of secondary school education and the effort throughout the past 20 years were directed toward research and study programs of education for our children and society .today we are happy and proud to open the doors of the Montessori educational system and Asrary school widely throughout Saudi Arabia .