The activity of the world day of Civil Defense 


1. Introduction to civil defense and its prominent role in society.
2. The child learns how to maintain the integrity of the soul and teach them safety rules and supplies at home.
3. The child will recognizes civil defense uniforms and phone number .
4. The child will recognizes how to work with fire and use a fire extinguisher
5. Hosting the civil defense in school .



Open day (sports activity) 


1. A child will enjoy practicing exercise and learn new and different types of fun and useful sports with an emphasis on the spirit of belonging to the team so that each group is connected, and the uniqueness of each group is characterized with a special color special.
2. Make the child able to play and enjoy with elements which are (race bikes, jump numbers, basketball, football, throwing rings, jump rope, walking with weights, and surfing).



Hajj rituals 


1.The child learns the steps of the Hajj ritual and applies it in its entirety in the correct sequence .
2.Do the practical application of all the rituals of Hajj (Tawaaf, pursuit, in Mina, stand by Arafat, stoning, the farewell Tawaaf, meet).



• International day activation 



Oral and dental health week  



1. 2. Children’s awareness of the importance of and how to care for your oral health by visiting the dentist.
2. Identify healthy food helpful for teeth and unhealthy food harmful to teeth.
3. Learn the proper way to clean teeth.
4. gifts and booklets for children.



Welcome children 



To welcome the return of children to school and encourage children to enter school and enjoy their facilities with emphasis on artistic and social role .



Activating world day of first aid 



1. Definition of first aid.
2. The child will recognize first aid kit components.
3. child will recognize the needed procedure for aiding injured (minor injuries, epistaxis, deep cuts, heat).
4. The child will participate in the use of the first aid kit.



World food day activation 



1. The child will recognize the healthy and unhealthy food.
2. The child will recognizes the benefit of eating healthy diet for the body and immune system and disease resistance.
3. The child will recognize the food pyramid and food items. .
4. The child will recognize the proper nutrition.